Thursday, January 3, 2008

Religion in Schools

I think that religion should be completely separate from school. Except for simple everyday religious phrases that may slip out every once and a while, religion should not have anything to do with public school or public education. Also, there has been controversy with people not saying the pledge of allegiance.

There has been situations where religion was brought up in school but introduced in other ways. For example, inelegant design (CREATIONISM) or school prayers. People tried to mix religion up with science class in trying to teach intelligent design in class claiming that it is a scientific theory. That eventually was ruled out and is no longer taught in public schools.

There also have been problems with some students not standing and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. This happened because of two words included in the pledge “Under God”. I believe that the pledge should still be recited in school daily. If a student has a problem with joining the rest of the class they should have to provide an extremely good reason. Wither the pledge of allegiance complies with religion or not it is still the pledge of our great country and should not be changed because somebody wants to be hard headed. Most students have a religion and believe in some kind of god. The god is not specified in the pledge and that is why I believe that it should still be recited in schools.